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Meet the Artisans

 Meet a few of our knitters

Kanchi Gurung, Lolang

  Kanchi Didi is an aura of positive energy. Her family calls her "Thulo Ama" which means big mother in Nepali. While being the Thulo Ama to her family, she is also the group leader who takes full responsibility for 15 women in her team. 

 Her hometown of Laprak, Gorkha was very close to the epicentre of the April 2015 earthquake.  With the help of Padma, government and personal funds, her family and the community have rebuilt homes in Laprak, Gorkha. 

  After sending her children to work and school, women come to knit and chat while enjoying some good sun on the rooftop. 



Budha Laxmi, Kathmandu

    Budha Laxmi lives with her husband in her ancestral home in Jyatha, Kathmandu. Growing up her whole life in Kathmandu, she mainly speaks in Newari.  


    Knitting has been a hobby since childhood and now it has become a part of her livelihood. She spends her days knitting while her husband works on making jewellery. Her best and brightest days are when she can get together with her Guthi (community) to celebrate festivities and wear a red colour sari, which is her favourite colour. 

    View pieces knitted by Budha Laxmi:


 Hansa Rawal, Nepalgunj

       Hansa's first introduction to knitting was not being able to hold knitting needles correctly but with unwavering passion and hard work, Hansa to learned to knit. She spent many late nights learning to knit after putting her kids to sleep. Her hard work finally paid off and now not only can she knit a pair of sock, but she can also knit hats, gloves and sweaters. She enjoys knitting and is open to challenging herself to knit intricate patterns.  ​







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