Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

We offer women the opportunity to gain a skill that provides financial independence and the ability to work from home. ​​​​​

In our community, working from home gives us much needed time to take care of our families, send children to school and to run the household activities. 

" This work has helped me send my daughter to school. My daughter wants to be a doctor when she grows up"- Purna Maya

" I can take care of my children and  work from home"- Radha Garuk



Inspired by indigenous motifs and crafts that have existed for centuries, our goal is to keep the tradition alive by re-crafting them through our knitting communities.


We believe incorporating a ‘giving component’ into our products adds a deeper level of human association. By combining women’s empowerment, skill development, economic freedom, and education, our product is a fusion of philanthropy and beautiful handiwork by artisans. 






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